Downgrade command ?

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Sun Nov 26 06:22:38 PST 2006

I am in favor of this. It has to be somewhat possible since zen has a
rollback feature. It would certainly save alot of users frustration
and headaches.

On 11/26/06, Pascal Bleser <pascal.bleser at> wrote:
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> Just an idea...
> Would it possible to implement a "downgrade" command, that would
> downgrade specified (or all) packages to the latest known version ?
> It does happen that people add experimental repositories (e.g. latest
> GNOME or version), find that it causes issues and want to
> downgrade to the packages shipped with the stable distribution.
> With such a "downgrade" command (or a flag to "upgrade"), it would be
> made a lot easier, as smart has the information about what's the latest
> version (in the enabled repositories) of all packages.
> Hard to implement ?
> Can smart be tricked to do that now ?
> Maybe be setting the RPM database's priority to a lower value than the
> channels ? (or the stable repository channel's priority higher than the
> RPM DB ?)
> cheers
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