Smart 0.50

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo at
Mon Jan 15 17:24:08 PST 2007

Smart 0.50 is out!

I'd like to send special thanks to Eran Tromer and
Mauricio Teixeira for the work done in this release.

Download information is available at

MD5SUM: 7595df0259829fff64496f1c359a53cf (check it!)

Some of the changes in this version:

- Changed the transaction algorithm to make Smart able to survive
  massive whole-distribution upgrades with good results, and in
  acceptable timings, by Eran Tromer.

- Changed the way that priorities are considered by the transaction
  mechanism, so that tracking individual packages from arbitrary
  repositories is actually much more predictable and manageable,
  by Eran Tromer.

- Fixed leak that made packages never get deallocated when
  loading from a disk cache.

- New '--dump' option to install/remove/upgrade commands. It outputs
  the list of packages for requested transaction.

- Support for ETA during downloads in graphical and text modes,
  by Mauricio Teixeira.

- Swedish translation, by Daniel Nylander.

- Traditional Chinese translation, by swyear.

- Spanish translation, by Raúl Moratalla.

- Several bugs fixed.

- More tests.

Have fun!

Gustavo Niemeyer

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