question on "smart upgrade --dump"

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo at
Mon Jan 29 10:47:43 PST 2007

> I thought it made no difference how I install packages, when the installed 
> packages after the installation were the same, independent of the method. I 
> did not see that "smart upgrade" has to downgrade 100+ packages. And I 
> don't want to try a "smart upgrade" that downgrades 100+ packages and to 
> upgrade them manually afterwards. *For me* the downgrade is unneeded, since 
> I can use "smart install" without the need to downgrade one package.

Those 100+ downgrades are getting in "upgrade" for a reason, most
probably because of priority settings. Smart won't blindly add
packages to the downgrade list.

> Thank you for the work you invested to make me understand. Obviously, I am 
> too thick to understand you :-( I am really sorry.

No need to be sorry. I'm just unable to continue here, but I'd be
glad to make you understand.  Try to contact me over IRC on
#smart at freenode.  Perhaps with better bandwidth we solve it

Gustavo Niemeyer

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