Smart 0.51

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo at
Sun May 20 11:59:18 PDT 2007

Smart 0.51 has just been published.  This is a minor update.

Download information is available at

MD5SUM: 6584bf3b977081162d19e220fdbcb3ac (check it!)

Some of the changes in this version:

- Fixed a few minor leaks in the C cache implementation.

- Added Hungarian translation, by Kalman Kemenczy.

- Adding Swedish translation, by Daniel Nylander.

- New smart.deinit() function.

- Fixed deb backend when using package files with Python 2.5.

- Fixing problem with "+auto.master" style of lines in automount
  media discovering, as reported in bug #269 (and by Jeff Johnson
  ten years ago).

- Allow deb backend to run inside a thread.

Have fun!

Gustavo Niemeyer

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