Smart 1.0 is out!

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo at
Thu Aug 14 17:14:31 PDT 2008

That's right!  Version 1.0 of Smart is out!

As usual, the new version is available on the website:

Please verify that the MD5 checksum matches:


It's been quite a ride to get to this historic release.  A
big Thank You to everyone who, in one way or another, contributed
to the project along the years.

Besides a comprehensive list of actual changes in this release,
it's worth pointing out that a lot has been happening around Smart

- We're now using Bazaar ( for revision control,
  which means anyone can easily extend Smart with new features using
  a good distributed revision control system.

- Smart is now using Launchpad for code hosting and bug tracking.
  Many thanks to Rehan Khan for doing an amazing job migrating
  issues from the old tracker.

- Smart is going to be moved into the main repository for the next
  version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, due to its use in the
  Landscape project at Canonical.

- We've started to correct the mistake of not having a good test
  suite.  Most features and fixes in this release were integrated
  with an accompanying regression test.

- Anders F Björklund has been pushing up an amazing number of
  branches with features and bug fixes.  Many thanks and keep up
  the great work, Anders!

Now, for the actual list of changes:

- Fixed "Pragma: no-cache" entry which would be sent by curl when
  there was a proxy environment variable set up.

- Now send a proper User-Agent header with smart/<version>.

- In the aptchannelsync plugin, ignore cdrom entries since they're
  not yet parsed correctly into a removable media entry.

- Implemented support for dpkg's Breaks conflict relation.

- Add PackageInfo.getReferenceURLs() to RPM metadata channels,
  patch by Anders F Björklund.

- Applying a modified version of the patch in bug #248063, to allow
  customizing the sizes of icons in the interface for helping
  visually impaired users.

- 'channel' command tests earlier if sysconfig is in readonly mode,
  by Mauricio Teixeira.

- In the debian ElementSorter, do not enforce early removal of
  conflicts when packages have the same name, since in these cases
  a normal upgrade is the usual intention from the packager.
  Thanks to Andreas Hasenack for isolating and debugging the

- Limit file descriptor closing to 4096, since on certain platform
  versions the rlimit-obtained value can be really large, by
  Anders F. Björklund.

- Prevent fstab parsing from breaking on certain bad files.

- Fixed race condition in the fetcher that could lead to infinite

- Fixed channel parsing bug reported by Cliff Wells: line parsing
  should only look for one "=" when splitting.

- detectsys plugin now allows setting which channel types to
  detect individually.

- Fixed a minor issue on the upgrade command (reported by Bogdano).

- Introduced a new dry-run option to the deb backend.

- Updated hu and it translations.

- Update ksmarttray/admin, by Mauricio Teixeira.

- Make sure gets correct lib or lib64 depending on
  the platform, by Mauricio Teixeira.

- Fixes restart download on failed resume, reported by Dag and Thimm,
  and fixed by Mauricio Teixeira.

- Fixed bug in aptchannelsync plugin when dealing with the
  sources.list.d directory, and added a few tests for it.

- Now RPM packages of color 2 (x86_64, etc) are considered of higher
  precedence when compared to packages of color 1, as suggested
  by Pascal Bleser and Christoph Thiel.

- "Detect in local path" dialog in the GUI was unable to select
  a directory properly.  Reported by Hajma, fixed by
  Mauricio Teixeira.

- Now progress shows "Stalled" for download ETA > 99h, by Neil Bird.

- Integrated several of the OpenSuSE patches, provided by
  by Pascal Bleser and Christoph Thiel.

Gustavo Niemeyer

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