Smart 0.41

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo at
Wed Dec 21 12:16:48 PST 2005

Smart 0.41 is out!

Download information is available at

MD5SUM: d9c7b1fd421033f488c3a8f98c41d15a (check it!)

Changes in this version include:

- Implemented cElementTree based rpm-md parser, reflecting in
  very good speed improvements.

- Implemented test framework, and started the implementation of
  test coverage.

- Renamed 'test' command to 'nothing' (it does nothing, and
  doesn't test anything).

- Avoid pygtk deprecation warnings on type_register().

- Added rpm-log-level option (Mauricio Teixeira).

- Implemented clean command (Mauricio Teixeira).

- Implemented recursive option on deb-dir and rpm-dir
  channel types, and made rpm-dir and deb-dir command
  line options have recursive behavior (Mauricio Teixeira)

- Added servicemenus entry to contrib/ directory
  (Mauricio Teixeira)

- Fixed another protectedread issue.

- Now use file to read output generated rpmlib, rather than
  a thread. That avoids the issue with rpm locking on SuSE
  systems that are still using an old rpm version.

- On URPMI channels, do not break with empty lines in the MD5SUM

- Updated 'de' translations, by Christian Metzen.

- Added 'it' translations, by Luca Ferrari.

- Do not print progress lines if the output is not a terminal
  and the task is progress is not yet done (makes output
  pleasant when using fd redirection).

Have fun!

Gustavo Niemeyer

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