Smart 0.40

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo at
Wed Oct 5 13:11:02 PDT 2005

Smart 0.40 is out!

Download information is available at

MD5SUM: 7492060be13e7b1ec26b155daafba8dd (check it!)

Changes in this version:

- Add extra line after running update in the shell.

- Implemented channel --remove-all option.

- Fixed bug which made rpm-metadata loader ignore explicitly
  provided files in certain situations. Reported by Edward Rudd.

- Added plugin, which will automatically detect and
  include system channels when they're missing.

- Avoid double conversion of paths in LocalMediaHandler, as
  discussed/debugged with Bogdano. This fixes certain failures
  when using removable medias.

- Integrated German translations, by Christian Metzen.

- Merged the french translations contributed by Rafael Garcia-Suarez.

- Merged three small fixes by Jaakko Heinonen.

- deb backend now using underline for the name/version separator,
  like usual in the Ubuntu/Debian world, as suggested by
  Scott James Remnant.

- Fixed bug in the code doing the protected read for old
  Python versions, as reported many times.

- Fixed locking issue in RPM pm.

Have fun!

Gustavo Niemeyer

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