Smart 0.52

Gustavo Niemeyer gustavo at
Fri Oct 5 10:29:53 PDT 2007

Smart 0.52 has just been published.

Download information is available at

MD5SUM: f1681adedd18b86f679a53ad8361c9e9 (check it!)

Some of the changes in this version:

- Added a more practical message before "Configuration is in
  readonly mode".

- Added Russian translations, by Aleksey Klimov.

- Applied patch from Peter Warasin fixing the fallback encoding
  in the RPM pm module.

- Made apt-deb channels not break up when the uncompressed version of
  the package isn't available in the MD5Sum list, which is the case
  in a few repositories.

- Only allow one initialization of the Smart library at a time, enforced
  by a lock.

- Implemented smart.initialized() function, to test if Smart was
  already initialized before and not yet deinitialized.

- In the deb backend, catch OSError on the waitpid, check if it was
  caused by an EINTR error, and retry in these cases.

- Implemented cache-loaded and cache-loaded-pre-link hooks, with
  proper testing.

- The debian tag loader would load an incorrect architecture if
  asked to.  This change fixes that, and adds a test to ensure
  that it continues to be the case.

- Command query --show-all will now show requires properly (instead
  of only pre-requires).

- Check for access rights in /etc/auto.master, rather than checking
  for file existence (patch from Ubuntu).

Have fun!

Gustavo Niemeyer

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