Alternative forms of metadata

Grant McWilliams grantmasterflash at
Sat Jul 26 04:17:07 PDT 2008

> Other package managers have moved to more "efficient" forms of
> representing these, and there has been some requests that Smart
> should read the alternative forms instead of the regular XML:
> yum sqlite:
> zypp .solv:
> This is easiest done by importing the parsing library, like
> yum-metadata-parser or python-zypp, and calling upon either
> yum or zypp to read the file rather than writing yet another.
> --anders
> So it comes down to the following three choices?

   1. Require YUM/Zypp
   2. Don't support the new and possibly "standard more effecient repo
   3. Write another download parser

I guess it comes down to how much time people have and what functionality we
actually need. Is there any way to cheat and include code from Yum/Zypp that
would allow Smart to sidestep needing a specialized download parser for
these new metadata types? Sounds messy though.

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