Smart 1.3 is out!

Anders F Björklund afb at
Sun Feb 14 06:30:15 PST 2010

Version 1.3 of Smart has just been made available in the web site:

The tarball's MD5 is 170e5e0f101ac73a888be32038da1d35 and it's signed.

This is a major feature release, with the following changes:

- Add rpm-md mirrorlist, for fetching list of mirrors (#247351)
- Add metalink xml support to the mirrorlist addition (#314070)

- Add support for lzma compression, including 7z and xz (#337108)

- Make the detectsys plugin look for files (not just dirs) (#298023)

- Add support for --metalink command output, (#293056)

- Add new --group and --channel filtering support to query (#244966)

- Query package selection improvements: newest (one per name) (#325841)
- Query package selection improvements: dupes, leaves, orphans (#325841)

- Implement detectLocalChannels for apt-deb and rpm-md channels  
- Implement media discover with D-Bus: HAL and DeviceKit-disks (#245113)

- Add source field to package info, for getting source package (#267369)
- Add license field to package info, for use with PackageKit (#254150)

- Implement yumchannelsync plugin, to import channels from yum (#245109)
- Implement zyppchannelsync plugin, to import channels from zypp  

- Implement changelog loader for rpm database / rpm headers (#245338)
- Implement changelog loader for dpkg when on debian system (#265014)

- Mark the string "Done" in the gtk progress for translation (#245610)

- Add new option to filter any unlocked items from the interface  

- Check for rpm gpg signature when rpm-check-signatures=true (#245647)

- When compiling on opensolaris, include alloca.h or it crashes  

- Implement interfaces/qt as an alternative to interfaces/gtk (#260828)

- Implement backends/arch for archlinux packages, with tests (#245127)

- Add smart package archives ("packs") to download / install (#263756)

- Add "newer" command, similar to upgrade --dump and --check (#338760)

- Make the new channel type list scrollable, if it's too big (#329969)
- Make the error dialog box scroll if the message is too long (#244585)

- Optionally check the signature of rpm-md channel repomd.xml (#250941)

- Add python version of the ksmarttray applet in c++ for kde3 (#437671)

The main changes planned for *next* version of Smart includes
some fixes to the pycurl fetcher and to the dependency solver...

It also involves improving the graphic interface (GTK+ and Qt4),
plus add new support for source packages and build dependencies.


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